The Anatomy of Record-Breaking and Multi-Platinum Success with A1 Promotions’ Hitbreaker Daniel “A1” Hayes

DULUTH, GA / ACCESSWIRE / December 9, 2020 / Daniel “A1” Hayes was destined for greatness. He and his company, A1 Promotions, helped catapult the music of superstars to the top of the charts. Hayes, whose industry moniker is “A1 The Hitman,” has earned his reputation for being the best in the business of securing radio airplay for his stellar list of clientele. He and his Atlanta-based music promotions company are responsible for what we hear on the airwaves as well as the newfound celebrity of the artist when their single takes off.

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Hayes has the instinct and influence to jumpstart careers and validate a new generation of hip-hop icons. His ears rarely, if ever, miss, as he has over 86 multi-platinum and platinum plaques that reinforce his gift. While artists in this digital age can record, release, and market their own music, it is nearly impossible for them to get real radio support. That’s where A1 Promotions enters the conversation.

Born and bred in Detroit, MI, Hayes received a music business degree from Full Sail University in an effort to hone his passion for working in the entertainment industry. Upon graduating, instead of taking a dead-end job, the mogul-in-the-making took an internship position at a record label in order to get a foot in the proverbial door. Hayes kicked it down. The young boss swiftly mastered the basics and began doing freelance promotions during his rare downtime. He would take the records of indie rappers in his city and generate so much buzz in the streets and clubs, the fans would demand that radio spin their tracks and they listened. Hayes’ tenacity, hustle, and skill not only attracted a new network of high-profile contacts, but also the attention of major labels. He secured important positions at Warner Bros. and Atlantic Records before launching A1 Promotions.

“I often tell people I’m a music biologist,” states Hayes. “I study and research the anatomy of a record, breaking it down to understand who it might appeal to and which stations, as well as markets, are the best fit. I stay on top of trends and keep my ear to what the culture is talking about and use that data to help me make informed and intelligent decisions. Despite the countless hours I logged pounding the pavement and trying to unlock and beat on closed doors, all of those experiences have contributed to the success I’m having now. Learning to accept failure as a part of the process is priceless. I encourage young people to fail fast and early. I tell them to learn, evaluate, apply, and try again.”

The veteran entrepreneur is also a genius marketer. Hayes knows how to strategize and leverage opportunities to take his roster to the top of the charts. He coaches the talent and their teams on how to best promote their projects in order to gain the most traction. “My primary focus is to always run a successful campaign. I enjoy what I do and who I do it with, which is also an important factor in achieving goals. I’ve sacrificed a lot over the years to be here and the way my grind is set up, I don’t plan on going anywhere but to the top of the top.” And fortunately, that is the same direction he takes his clients.

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