Selldevice Launches Convenient, Environmentally Friendly and COVID-Safe Way to Sell Old Electronics

Free pickup and shipping make process safer and simpler for owners, eliminating contact risk while supporting sustainability

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / December 11, 2020 / Today, Selldevice launched a convenient, environmentally friendly and COVID-safe way to sell old electronics. With free pickup and shipping available, Selldevice makes the process of selling old phones, laptop, gaming consoles and so forth safer and simpler for the owner. It eliminates the risk of contact with another person and potential COVID-19 exposure. The online trade-in startup, based in Toronto, is motivated to be a responsible, global business by keeping in mind environmental preservation. In buying used devices, Selldevice extends the life of electronics in order to keep usable equipment from ending up in the trash bin.

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“We like to make it easy for our customers,” says Ubada Hafez, Founder of Selldevice. “In addition to enabling people to get some cash out of devices they no longer use, we are trying to do our part to help with sustainability in industry. Part of Selldevice’s mission is to reuse and recycle. By selling an old device, versus throwing it away, you avoid putting toxic chemicals, present in many devices, into the soil and waterways near landfills. Pollution of this kind has become a growing environmental concern in Canada.”

The company is also cooperating with Onetreeplanted, an organization that plants trees in Canada. Hafez added, “We are inspired to plant trees in order to reduce the release of carbon footprint of our operation from packaging, shipping and testing.” Selldevice has arranged to have one tree will be planted for every device trade-in. They will send an appreciation tree certificate to the customer.

The company provides a further societal benefit, which is to enable people who might not ordinarily be able to afford a cellphone to have one for safety purposes. This is a somewhat hidden issue in modern life, but people who lack the means to have a mobile device are often cut off from friends, family and social services. They are vulnerable to crime and other threats to their safety. Making devices available at a very low cost helps solve this problem.

A customer can search on to find his or her specific device. Using a built-in form on the site, the customer indicates the device’s condition. Selldevice then sends an instant offer. The customer then simply packs the device, affixes a prepaid shipping and drops the package off at a local post office. A free shipping box is also available.

When devices arrive at the company, staff members inspect and test it. Once it passes testing, the seller receives payment within three days through PayPal or E-Transfer. If the device fails the test, the device will be returned to the seller free of charge. Devices will be sent easily through the pre-organized trade-in service for customers who want to sell used electronics, but do not care to go to a pawn shop or sell on eBay.

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