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LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / June 6, 2019 / In October of last year, StockLab’s editorial team was introduced to Spherix Incorporated (NASDAQ: SPEX). We were immediately intrigued by some of the medical advancements in Spherix’s universe which were, well, let’s just say fascinating to say the least. If you haven’t read our first
editorial, here’s the link

Frankly, it’s tough to top a Spherix acquisition target restoring mobility to a nearly paralyzed rodent but last week’s quarterly report perhaps rivals the moving mouse insofar as financial statements go.

In case you missed the Q, Spherix announced among other things, the following:

  • The Company has total assets of $11,937,000.
  • The Company has liabilities of $982,000.

A snapshot of a data point for sure, but compelling, confidence inspiring statistics that reflect a risk-taker of a company with interests in a myriad of lucrative verticals which cashed in big on one of its earliest investments, dropping two million shares into the proforma when an early stage investment IPO’d and a hypothetical windfall became an actual one.

The asset/liability ratio alone should raise Spherix’s street cred above other companies in any of its targeted industries where blue sky optimism and ‘someday’ dialogue too often suffice in lieu of real asset gains or profits.

But perhaps what is most compelling when considered in the context of this stirring asset/liability chasm is another singular number:

The Company has 2,010,074 shares of common stock outstanding.

Nearly $12 million in assets as of the last Q, just under a million in debt, and roughly 2 million shares in play. Post that snippet on your favorite stock message board and see what the natives say.

We’ll let the reader do the math on their own as the share price changes daily, but it’s more than a little interesting to consider Spherix’s present and future simply going by the numbers.

About Spherix

Spherix is committed to advancing innovation by active participation in all areas of the patent market. Spherix draws on portfolios of pioneering technology patents to partner with and support product innovation. Spherix has acquired over 100 patents from Rockstar Consortium Inc., and several hundred patents issued to Harris Corporation, covering a variety of methods and components involved in switching, routing, networking, optical and telecommunication sectors.

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