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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 11, 2019 / Regardless of the occasion they are intended to fete, parties are universally viewed as an opportunity to both commemorate an event and indulge in fun activities amid friends and family. With availability of numerous options to transform a social gathering into an unforgettable experience, it is no longer necessary to depend on memory in order to re-live special moments, according to the event planning specialists at Kazzam.com. As they point out, a photo booth rental not only captures all the thrill and magic of a party but also amplifies the entertainment factor by creating opportunities for everyone to embrace the festivities with abandon.

Birthday parties, weddings, and other occasions are meant to bring people together in celebration, but it is often challenging to get all attendees involved and make the revelry a shared experience. This is something a photo booth rental can achieve with incredible ease: young and old alike are drawn to it, relishing the chance to document their participation while casting aside hesitation and self-consciousness. Since these fixtures typically come with a variety of props, the guests quickly find themselves having fun in entirely unexpected ways, which will make the event all the more memorable. Furthermore, the booths are really easy to set up and do not require any special skills on the part of the users, thus allowing everyone to boldly join in the amusement. With the advances in technology, these devices have become far more than photo-taking equipment: most models feature options for creating animated gifs and video clips, social media sharing functions, and customization capabilities. Therefore, not only are all guests guaranteed a photographic memento of their attendance and all the special moments of the event, but they can also share the experience via social platforms and essentially create a permanent keepsake.

Besides all the benefits from an entertainment point of view, a photo
booth rental
is a great option from a practical perspective, especially where corporate events are concerned. Such a fixture creates opportunities for networking, helping to break the ice and facilitate interaction in a large group of people where many are probably strangers. In addition, the social media sharing capabilities are emerging as an invaluable tool in branding and marketing campaigns, providing an affordable option for reaching more prospective clients and raising a company’s profile. Snapshots from an event can be incorporated into branded merchandise, souvenirs, corporate brochures, leaflets, and other marketing materials to project a positive image and increase exposure, which makes photo booths a low-cost investment with incredible returns.

Kazzam.com, a party planning service under the umbrella of Party City, offers a one-stop shop for organizing celebrations, with a portfolio that covers activities, food, and entertainers. In addition to its variety of options for staging memorable events, the company also ensures proper vetting and handles all the details, including billing and coordination. Its parent organization is North America’s leading party goods retailer by revenue, operating more than 900 proprietary and franchise stores across the region.

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