LockinU ,Lockin China and GUCCU hosts the 4th GUCDC to explore Highly Efficient Allocation of Global Talents Resource

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 10, 2019 / On March 29, 2019, the 4th annual Global University Career Development Conference (GUCDC), organized by LockinU, Lockin China and the Global University China Career Union (GUCCU), was successfully concluded in Qingdao.

More than 50 Careers Service representatives from renowned international universities such as Imperial college London, the University of Bristol, the University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Adelaide, the University of Sydney, the Australian National University, ESADE business school and Singapore Management University, etc. attended the 2019 the Global University Career Development Conference (GUCDC).

The theme of the conference was “Highly Efficient Allocation of Global Talents Resource: Establish more Effective Connections Between Global Employers, Career Services and Students, to Better Face the Impact of the Global Economic Slowdown”. The theme of this meeting is highly relevant to contemporary development needs in today’s world, in light of the continuing decline of global economies.

During the week from March 23rd to March 29th , the Global University Career Development Conference (GUCDC) arranged rich and detailed learning opportunities to help representatives from over 50 global University Career Centers gain a comprehensive understanding of China’s job market as well as discuss countermeasures that can be adopted to maintain student career development despite the general slowing-down of the economy.

2019 Lockin China Global Talents Career Fair Take Place in Beijing.

On March 24th , university representatives participated in the 2019 Global Talents Career Fair held by Lockin in Beijing. They were able to communicate with more than 40 employers, including Xiaomi Technology, Apple, IBM, OPPO and others, as well as meet more than 1,500 overseas graduate returnees, experiencing firsthand the enthusiasm of Chinese employers for overseas talents.

Visit to Famous Enterprises

From March 25th – March 28th the university representatives, under the guidance of LockinU and Lockin China, travelled across two big cities: Beijing and Qingdao. They visited Schneider Electric, Tencent, Haier, Qingdao Beer, the west coast of Qingdao as well as a variety of other enterprises and institutions. Through this series of visits, representatives had the chance to understand corporate training methods of individual companies and build deeper relationships with enterprises through mutual exchange, so that they could recommend excellent employers and high quality positions to their graduates more directly in the future.

Notably, in the conference the Global University China Career Union (GUCCU) established a strategic cooperative agreement with Qingdao West Coast New Economic Area. This was designed to introduce Qingdao West Coast New Economic Area to Global Universities and establish a platform for enterprises in Qingdao to liaise with talents from Global Universities.

The Global University Career Development Conference

On March 28th and 29th , The Global University Career Development Conference (GUCDC) was held in Qingdao. More than 50 Careers Service representatives from Global Universities and more than 20 HR Directors of well-known Chinese enterprises attended the conference.

Crystal, the founder and CEO of Lockin, highlighted during the conference that 2019 is a very important year for the career development of overseas talents. With the economic slowdown and gradual decline of the graduate recruitment market, finding gainful employment is becoming increasingly difficult. However, overseas talents have increasingly endeared themselves to Chinese enterprises because of their innovative attitude, vision and commitment to international development.

Additionally, Crystal also shared the “2019 China Overseas Talent Career Development Analysis Report” with the University Representatives and Enterprises that were present, detailing the latest trends in the 2019 overseas talent employment market. Crystal went on to illustrate the difficulties overseas talents encounter when job-hunting, as well as possible mitigative solutions to help Chinese employers attract more overseas talents and also help overseas talents achieve better career development in the future.

In addition, the representatives of Meten English, ZUOYU Capital and MyNavi, one of Japan’s biggest recruitment platforms, all gave speeches at the conference. They each gave introductions and an analysis of different industries and enterprises, showing how Chinese companies recruit, train and manage their overseas talents.

On the day of University sharing, representatives from the University of Adelaide, the University of Sydney, the University of Liverpool, the University of Rochester – Simon Business School and IE Business School also shared how their career centers have worked to aid Chinese students to improve their employability. Each university that shared their experiences in this session led multi-faceted discussions with all of the other University Representatives from numerous other countries, and this mutual sharing of good practice & ideas that can be implemented at University Career Centers was immensely beneficial to all delegates present.

Global Talents Career Development Award Ceremony

At the end of the conference, various awards were issued to famous Chinese enterprises and institutions such as Hua Neng Gui Cheng Trust, BOE, BMW Brilliance, OPPO and Dong Feng Motor among others. These awards were based on the contribution and feedback given by Chinese returnee graduates, Chinese employers and Careers Centers from Global Universities in 2018.

The University of Adelaide, the Singapore Management University, the University of Liverpool, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Warwick and Northeastern University all won awards for their outstanding contributions in 2018.

Global University Career Development (China) Conference (GUCDC) is an annual conference jointly hosted by LockinU, Lockin China and the Global University China Career Union (GUCCU). In order to better provide professional career support to overseas talents who are seeking employment opportunities in China, the conference invites both career officers from global universities and HRs from famous employers in China to have face-to-face conversations on the fast-changing employment status quo.

2019 is an era of opportunities and challenges. This is the fourth GUCDC and LockinU is still motivated and excited to provide better services to global universities, enterprises and students to match each party’s recruitment demands. LockinU is committed to supporting global companies to recruit suitable candidates, and helping graduate students secure better career development in their future.



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