Astute Releases Enhanced Version of Astute Spot Product Locator

Leading consumer engagement technology provider launches new version
of popular where-to-buy solution

COLUMBUS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Astute today announced the release of a newly enhanced version of Astute
, the product locator designed for consumer packaged goods
companies. New advanced reporting capabilities and an upgraded user
interface will provide CPGs with a more robust product locator solution.

Astute Spot’s recent development efforts have focused on adding
functionality and improving the experience for business users and
consumers alike. Integration with award-winning Astute
 enables conversational cross-platform self-service, allowing
customers to answer where-to-buy questions as well as engage in other
self-service interactions. New advanced reporting and data visualization
features, leveraging leading BI tool Tableau, give companies deeper
insight into consumer preferences and shopping behavior. Other key
features include the ability to add proprietary supplemental data, an
easy-to-use interface for managing product UPCs, flexible data refresh
functionality for seasonal items, and access to data for US and Canada
store locations.

Compared to other product locator solutions on the market, Astute’s
offering is more than just a where-to-buy widget. By embedding
where-to-buy within an award-winning chatbot platform, companies can
deliver a more robust consumer self-service experience that allows them
to find and purchase products more easily, answer frequently asked
questions, and complete other self-service tasks.

“We’ve used decades of experience working with top CPG companies to
enhance our product locator offering,” said Astute CTO Alex George. “The
latest version of Astute Spot, in concert with Astute Bot, helps our
customers offer more sophisticated experiences and stay ahead of the

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