Thumbtack and Alia Partner to Bring Portable Benefits To Independent Workers

and Alia
are proud to announce a new pilot partnership to bring portable
benefits, like Paid Time Off and insurance products, to independent
workers on Thumbtack.

This pilot program is the first partnership between Alia and an online
platform, extending Alia’s reach into the online economy of work. Alia
is the first portable benefits platform, and launched in December 2018
to house cleaners nationwide. Thumbtack is an app and website that helps
customers find local, skilled professionals for virtually any project
nationwide, including house cleaners.

Through the partnership, Thumbtack customers who hire a house cleaner in
California or New York will be able to contribute a suggested $5 per
cleaning, which can be used by the professional for the benefits they
need. Benefits include Paid Time Off, and disability, accident, critical
illness and life insurance. Thumbtack will contribute $25 to each pro
who joins Alia, up to $20,000 in total for the first six months, to
encourage participation and provide additional support.

As the independent workforce and demand for house cleaners continue to
grow, the sector of the workforce excluded from access to necessary
benefits is growing. According to a McKinsey
, nearly 30 percent of working-age people are engaging in
independent work and many of them are going without many of the benefits
traditionally offered by employers.

We believe that if you work, you deserve benefits,” said Ai-Jen Poo,
Director at the National Domestic Workers Alliance. “Most domestic
workers have never had access to benefits, and Alia is one of the ways
we’re working to solve that. Alia’s partnership with Thumbtack is an
exciting opportunity to do even more.”

Thumbtack is committed to bringing solutions to independent workers who
lack access to benefits — being independent shouldn’t mean you’re on
your own,” said Thumbtack co-founder and CEO Marco Zappacosta. “Our pros
can’t wait for the laws to change, so we are working with NDWA to bring
a solution to house cleaners on Thumbtack. The biggest names in the
industry are focused on using technology to eliminate the need for
workers. At Thumbtack, our energy is focused on using technology to help
workers find opportunity and security, and working with Alia is a step
in the right direction.”

Building a more equitable economy is going to take the participation of
us all,” said Palak Shah, Founding Director of NDWA Labs and Social
Innovations Director at NDWA. “We’ve already learned that customers want
to contribute to benefits, and now we need online platforms to help make
it easy for them to do so. This first partnership is our initial step
into changing norms across every channel where work is found and

When we look at the changing nature of work in this country, one of the
biggest challenges is improving economic security for independent
workers, so these kind of solutions are critical and timely,” said
Alastair Fitzpayne, Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Future of
Work Initiative. “NDWA Labs and Thumbtack are showing how technology can
be a force for positive change for independent workers. Though
partnerships like this, we can better understand what solutions can be
scaled, which is essential to meeting the needs of an evolving

With this partnership, Thumbtack and Alia demonstrate how technology can
be a powerful tool used for equity. This pilot program will first be
rolled out to house cleaners on the platform in New York and California.
Thumbtack professionals will be able to include a link to their Alia
profile in their Thumbtack profile, making it easy for customers to
start contributing to their benefits. Pros are then able to access their
benefits by logging on to the Alia website. For more information, visit

About Alia

Alia is the first portable benefits platform, enabling
multi-contributor, prorated, and portable benefits. Alia launched
nationwide on December 11, 2018 for house cleaners, whose work structure
is one of the most difficult to provide benefits to. Alia is a project
of NDWA Labs, the innovation arm of the National Domestic Workers
Alliance, and is headquartered in New York. Learn more at

About NDWA Labs

NDWA Labs is the innovation arm of the National Domestic Workers
Alliance (NDWA). Founded in 2015, NDWA Labs was launched to experiment
with new strategies for improving marketplace norms for domestic
workers, including launching sustainable ventures and collaborating with
the private sector. Our approach is to innovate on old solutions, build
smart and practical tools and products, and form partnerships that help
us reach and lift standards for domestic workers. In particular, NDWA
Labs has been experimenting with ways to use technology to ensure we are
shaping a future of work that works for all of us, not just some of us.
Learn more at

About Thumbtack

Thumbtack, headquartered in San Francisco, was created to solve a
seemingly simple problem: local professionals need customers so they can
run and grow their business. Customers need local pros too, but have
trouble finding the right ones. So in 2008, the Thumbtack founders
developed a marketplace bringing the two together. Since then, Thumbtack
has helped hundreds of thousands of skilled professionals build
successful businesses and millions of customers each year with
everything from plumbing, to catering, to personal training to math
tutoring. Learn more at


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