Systematic Alpha Cryptocurrency Master Fund Wins the CTA Intelligence US Performance Awards 2019

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href=”” target=”_blank”gt;#Awardlt;/agt;–Systematic Alpha Management (SAM) was recognized by CTA Intelligence US
Performance Awards 2019 in the Best Cryptocurrency Program Category for
its Systematic Alpha Cryptocurrency Master Fund, Ltd (“the Fund).

The Fund commenced trading in February 2018 and has outperformed most of
its competitors and BarclayHedge Cryptocurrency Traders Index in 2018.
The Fund trades exclusively regulated futures markets and engages top
service providers and independent directors to meet the high operational
demands of institutional investors.

“The Fund is structured to pass the toughest operational due diligence
requirements of institutional investors who are interested in obtaining
access to the evolving cryptocurrency asset class,” noted Peter
Kambolin, SAM’s CEO.

“The cryptocurrency program predominantly trades
momentum/trend-following strategies using fully automated proprietary
models around the clock,” noted Dr. Alexei Chekhlov, SAM’s Head of
Research and Portfolio Manager. “One of the benefits of trading
cryptocurrency futures, besides minimizing the operational exposure, is
our ability to take long and short positions. As such, the returns of
our Fund have virtually no correlation to the returns of the underlying
cryptocurrency market.”

“We’ve proven again and again that SAM can deliver innovative products
that are not widely covered by CTAs,” noted Peter Kambolin. “We are very
excited about the long-term prospects for the Systematic Alpha
Cryptocurrency Master Fund and are thankful for the CTA Intelligence US
Performance Award.”

In 2014, SAM won the Pinnacle Award as the Best Diversified CTA under
$500m AUM. In 2013, SAM was the winner of CTA Intelligence US
Performance Awards as the Best Short-Term Trader. In 2012, SAM won the
HFM Week US Performance as the best CTA under $250m AUM and in 2009 it
won the HFM Week US Performance as the best CTA Newcomer.


SAM is a fully systematic, quantitative CTA. SAM aims to generate
consistent positive returns with low-to-negative correlation to any
major equity, bond, currency, broad hedge fund or cryptocurrency index.
SAM employs a mix of high-frequency quantitative strategies, using
fully-automated, around-the-clock electronic trading in a wide range of
futures markets.

SAM is registered as a Commodity Pool Operator (CPO) and a Commodity
Trading Advisor (CTA) with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and
is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA).


Inquiries: Sandy Chotai, Marketing Director
Direct: 16468258075

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