Macquarie/First Trust Global Infrastructure/Utilities Dividend & Income Fund Declares its Quarterly Distribution of $0.30 Per Share

WHEATON, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Macquarie/First Trust Global Infrastructure/Utilities Dividend & Income
Fund (the “Fund”) (NYSE: MFD) has declared the Fund’s regularly
scheduled quarterly distribution of $0.30 per share. The distribution
will be payable on February 28, 2019, to shareholders of record as of
February 25, 2019. The ex-dividend date is expected to be February 22,
2019. The quarterly distribution information for the Fund appears below.

Macquarie/First Trust Global
Infrastructure/Utilities Dividend & Income Fund (MFD):

Distribution per share:     $0.30
Distribution Rate based on the February 8, 2019 NAV of $11.28: 10.64%
Distribution Rate based on the February 8, 2019 closing market price
of $10.82:

A portion of the distribution may be treated as paid from sources other
than net investment income, including short-term capital gain, long-term
capital gain and return of capital. The final determination of the
source and tax status of all distributions paid in 2019 will be made
after the end of 2019 and will be provided on Form 1099-DIV.

The Fund is a non-diversified, closed-end management investment company
that seeks a high level of current return consisting of dividends,
interest and other similar income while attempting to preserve capital.
The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing
predominantly in the securities of companies that are involved in the
management, ownership and/or operation of infrastructure and utility
assets and are expected to offer reasonably predictable income and
attractive yields.

First Trust Advisors L.P. (“FTA”) is a federally registered investment
advisor and serves as the Fund’s investment advisor. FTA and its
affiliate First Trust Portfolios L.P. (“FTP”), a FINRA registered
broker-dealer, are privately-held companies that provide a variety of
investment services. FTA has collective assets under management or
supervision of approximately $121 billion as of January 31, 2019 through
unit investment trusts, exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds, mutual
funds and separate managed accounts. FTA is the supervisor of the First
Trust unit investment trusts, while FTP is the sponsor. FTP is also a
distributor of mutual fund shares and exchange-traded fund creation
units. FTA and FTP are based in Wheaton, Illinois.

Macquarie Capital Investment Management LLC (“MCIM”) and Four Corners
Capital Management, LLC (“Four Corners”) are the Fund’s investment
sub-advisors. Both MCIM and Four Corners operate within Macquarie Asset
Management (“MAM”) and are wholly-owned, indirect subsidiaries of
Macquarie Group Limited (“Macquarie Group”). Macquarie Group is a global
provider of banking, financial, advisory, investment and funds
management services. MAM is the global investment management business of
Macquarie Group. The Fund’s Core Component, which consists primarily of
equity securities and equity-like securities issued by infrastructure
issuers, is managed by MCIM, which started operations in 2004 with the
launch of the Fund. MCIM and its Australia-based affiliates managed
approximately $2.7 billion of assets as of September 30, 2018, in MAM’s
Infrastructure Securities portfolios, which includes the Fund. The
Fund’s Senior Loan Component is managed by Four Corners. Four Corners
was founded in 2001 and became a wholly-owned, indirect subsidiary of
Macquarie Group in 2008. Four Corners managed approximately $1.1 billion
of assets as of January 31, 2019, with an emphasis on Senior Loans.

Past performance is no assurance of future results. Investment return
and market value of an investment in the Fund will fluctuate. Shares,
when sold, may be worth more or less than their original cost. There can
be no assurance that the Fund’s investment objectives will be achieved.
The Fund may not be appropriate for all investors.

Principal Risk Factors: The Fund principally invests in a global
portfolio of infrastructure stocks in a range of currencies and senior
secured loans. Accordingly, the Fund’s NAV will fluctuate with changes
in the value of the Fund’s holdings. Investment in infrastructure and
utilities issuers are subject to various risks including governmental
regulations, high-interest costs associated with capital construction
programs, costs associated with environmental regulation, the effects of
economic slowdown and surplus capacity, competition from other providers
of services and other factors. Investment in non-U.S. securities is
subject to the risk of currency fluctuations and to economic and
political risks associated with such foreign countries.

The Senior Loans in which the Fund invests are generally considered to
be “high-yield securities”. High-yield securities are subject to greater
market fluctuations and risk of loss than securities with higher
ratings. The Fund’s portfolio is also subject to credit risk and
interest rate risk. Interest rate risk is the risk that fixed-income
securities will decline in value because of changes in market interest
rates. Credit risk is the risk of nonpayment of scheduled contractual
repayments whether interest and/or principal payments or payments for
services and that the value of a security may decline as a result.

Use of leverage can result in additional risk and cost, and can magnify
the effect of any losses. There can be no assurance as to what portion
of the distributions paid to the Fund’s common shareholders will consist
of tax-advantaged qualified dividend income.

The risks of investing in the Fund are spelled out in the prospectus,
shareholder report and other regulatory filings.

The information presented is not intended to constitute an investment
recommendation for, or advice to, any specific person. By providing this
information, First Trust is not undertaking to give advice in any
fiduciary capacity within the meaning of ERISA and the Internal Revenue
Code. First Trust has no knowledge of and has not been provided any
information regarding any investor. Financial advisors must determine
whether particular investments are appropriate for their clients. First
Trust believes the financial advisor is a fiduciary, is capable of
evaluating investment risks independently and is responsible for
exercising independent judgment with respect to its retirement plan

The Fund’s daily closing New York Stock Exchange price and net asset
value per share as well as other information can be found at
or by calling 1-800-988-5891.


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