ACH Alert Introduces New Payment Data Xchange Module

New service module launched due to market demand for greater
automation and robust features for delivering translated EDI information

, an award-winning provider of electronic payments fraud
prevention technology for financial institutions of all sizes, announced
today its latest Payment Data Xchange (PDX) service module within its
flagship Fraud
Prevention HQ platform
. Fraud Prevention HQ is the industry’s first
exception decisioning portal that provides a fully integrated dashboard
for financial institution customers to make their pay or no-pay
decisions on suspicious payment activity across virtually every payment

PDX is being introduced due to intense market demand for more automation
and robust features for delivering translated EDI information (820 &
835) contained within incoming ACH files, NOC and ACH return information
to business account holders. Dynamic configuration options within the
new PDX module enable financial institutions to choose the EDI feature,
the ACH return and NOC feature or both for themselves and their
clients. Financial institutions simply enroll the account number for the
EDI service or the originating company ID for the ACH return service.

Additionally, PDX will monitor incoming ACH transactions for enrolled
accounts/company ID’s and alert account holders when incoming ACH
transactions contain EDI information or when they have ACH returns or
NOC’s. Information will be presented by settlement date to aid in the
reconcilement process. Account holders can access the information
online, export it in a variety of formats or have data delivered
electronically to automate posting. PDX also offers an automated billing
feature to allow financial institutions to bill clients via analysis or
ACH debit.

“Our enterprise level platform can be easily accessed by account holders
via single sign on through online banking,” said Deborah Peace, AAP,
chief executive officer of ACH Alert. “As part of our commitment to
serving the financial services industry, we are positioned to further
compliment online banking systems by making valuable payment remittance
information, such as ACH returns and NOC information, available to
clients in a timely manner and an easy-to-use format.”

About ACH Alert

Founded in 2007, ACH Alert provides patented, innovative fraud detection
services to financial institutions ranging from community banks to top
tier financial institutions. Relying on more than 25 years of industry
experience, ACH Alert assists financial institutions in mitigating the
risks associated with electronic payments. ACH Alert is the 2012
recipient of the Kevin O’Brien ACH Quality Award, the highest award for
quality in the ACH Network industry. For more information, visit,
or follow them on Twitter @ACHAlert,
or LinkedIn.


Augusta Bauknight

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